Customer feedback & beta management service

For developers

We welcome developers, communities and companies to make BetaEasy integrations for different platforms like .NET, Java, mobile platforms etc. On the page below you can find all the necessary instructions on how to start and publish integration if you got one.

Please check the following requirements before you start the development:

  1. Your code should be licensed under any of the following Open Source Licenses.
  2. Your integration source code should be public (available for download) and BetaEasy reserves rights to distribute integration.
  3. The integration cannot be a commercial product.

Such BetaEasy enhancement will be rewarded! As a reward we offer one year Standard Plan subscription – you save $747!

Read API documentation to start integration development. BetaEasy provides complete SOAP API with all necessary data.

If you would like to request an integration with your platform, do not hesitate to contact us.