Customer feedback & beta management service

For web sites and applications

BetaEasy is equally useful for web sites/applications as well as for classic desktop applications. Service helps you to built your own community of users who will cooperate with you and contribute to your website/software improvement. All feedback is collected in one place, priorities are clearly identified, feedback is turned into improvement. It’s easy to get started:

Create account at BetaEasy

All you have to do to start getting users feedback is create an account for your application. Create one or several projects and invite users to leave their requests and suggestions on how you can make your product the way your target audience expects it to be

Insert small piece of code

Copy and paste a few lines of code into your software (javascript for web and component/library for desktop apps) to start engaging your beta users. Simple and intuitive feedback form design increases the response rate from your website visitors/software users

Create the community of users

BetaEasy allows you to create the community of users who communicate, vote for each others suggestions and solve the issues collectively. You will get firsthand information about usability difficulties, missing functionality and other drawbacks of your product

Effective communication with users

Create an ongoing conversation. React to users requests and try to implement them according to set priorities. Lack of response discourages users from coming back. Make them interested – let them know their opinion matters, encourage them to invite friends and reward the most active ones

Track the progress and work on constant improvement

Detailed reports enable you to keep track of users registration activity, bugs/features statuses, number of customer feedbacks for a certain period of time, etc. Thus you can focus your efforts where they are needed the most and turn feedbacks into improvements

Software/Website improvement should be constant process. You have to establish friendly and confidential relationships with your beta users. But it’s not enough to listen – it’s about responding to users requests. Effective communication and timely response to suggestions is a way to high-quality application and increased number of loyal customers.