Customer feedback & beta management service

For desktop applications

BetaEasy helps you with thorough software testing and enables you to get real-time users feedback to see whether your software is easy to setup&use and meets users expectations. Thus it’s much easier for you to find out about drawbacks and set priorities for application performance improvement. All it takes – three simple steps:

Insert software feedback form right into the software

  • Select free or one of the paid plans to sign up and start working with BetaEasy
  • Integrate your desktop software with BetaEasy in a few minutes. Simple and intuitive feedback form design increases the response rate from your website visitors
  • The majority of programming languages are supported: .NET, Delphi, C++ and more

Invite and manage users

  • Place premade beta user signup form on your website and start getting feedback
  • Use internal invitation tools to get more beta users. Invite them by e-mail to join your project
  • Existent users can invite their friends.Though this is optional it can greatly increase the number of your project’s beta users
  • BetaEasy allows you to create the community of users who communicate and collectively solve problems

Analyze user feedback and get better

  • Our customer feedback and beta management service provides all the tools you need to analyze your project’s progress and simplify your software testing
  • Stop guessing. With BetaEasy you will know for sure what users do or don’t like about your software
  • It’s easy to compare the project with other ones and observe the perspectives
  • Easy to set the priorities: add the most desirable functionality and fix the most annoying bugs, implement other users requests